Be aware of scams! is a no-premine blockchain. The core team will *never* ask you or encourage you to invest in Kulupu. Please . Avoid FUDs or P&D signal groups!

We have decided to add back Kulupu's roadmap page to clarify what's being developed and what's *not* being developed.

In particular, please read the "misinformation" section on this page. There was never a plan for Kulupu to become a "PoW hub".

Pie chart of blocks mined by addresses, over the past 24 hours. (9 Nov, 2020)

The newest release of Kulupu is not vulnerable to the DoS vector mentioned in Polkadot v0.8.26-1 release note. You can continue to use Kulupu node version v2.3.0.

We always update all crate packages to its newest possible version every time when we update Substrate, so it just happens that we already bumped past the vulnerable package since last release in October. Watch Polkadot development channels if you want to learn more about this DoS vector.

Interested in knowing about councillors or joining the council? You can find more in this wiki page!

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